Ghana (2013 – present)

After previous projects in Ghana, PWAP is starting a project with the Akumanyi Foundation, a Columbus-based organization seeking to empower youth and women through community development in Ghana. Survey-based data collection will be completed by the end of July 2016. Combining social and cultural information regarding WASH knowledge with data on common water contaminants, we will then move to education and filter implementation, based on the needs identified by our preliminary data. In line with the mission of the Akumanyi Foundation, this filter will be operated by a small group of women in an entrepreneurial capacity, empowering them to invest in the prolonged success of both themselves as independent salary owners and the filter as a whole, similar to efforts previously established in Kenya3. We will travel to this community to establish this filter system and financial framework in the summer of 2017, with the Akumanyi Foundation already planning logistics this summer. Moving beyond our work, the Akumanyi Foundation plans to translate this project into an exemplar for villages all over rural Ghana.