Founded in 2010 by four students at The Ohio State University, the Pure Water Access Project was designed to offer an effective new approach to guaranteeing clean water access throughout the world. With a combination of research skills, cutting-edge technology, and an eagerness to make a difference, the Pure Water Access Project launched its first initiative in Nicaragua in 2012.

Since then, the organization has grown into a successful nonprofit with projects both planned and in progress all over the world. Still led by students but guided by experts, it has received significant attention in the water nonprofit sector and continues to create globe-spanning partnerships, advise successful projects, and engage students in the world of philanthropy.

In the future, the Pure Water Access Project aims to continue growing into as impactful an organization as possible in the clean water sector. As such, with each passing year, a new generation of ambitious and passionate students have taken on the Pure Water Access Project’s mission as their own.