AMOS Health & Hope is a trailblazing Nicaraguan organization with regards to their use of data in nonprofit work and was a longtime partner of the Pure Water Access Project.

In the past, PWAP partnered on multiple projects with AMOS that began with a longitudinal analysis of two filter types (Biosand and silver impregnated ceramic) in 2012. As a result of the nature of this continued relationship, PWAP established an annual global health practicum to immerse Ohio State students in the realm of culturally considerate, data-driven nonprofit and public health work. In partnership with AMOS, PWAP has conducted projects that ranged from helping to design Knowledge and Practices (KAP) surveys for comparison between populations equipped with filters and those who were not to assisting with the early-stage planning of a nationwide water quality mapping initiative to better understand issues driving the inequity of water distribution and cleanliness. PWAP believed so strongly in the work AMOS was doing that in May of 2018, PWAP sponsored a Buck-I-SERV trip through The Ohio State University to rural Nicaragua to further AMOS' mission.